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Rocky Coast and Pounding Waves
There are many things that make Cambria attractive. One being the towns proximity to the coast line. One of the most breathtaking rides one will experience on the western coast is the drive between Big Sur and Cambria, with its wide array of vistas. Easy access can be found to many beaches and this stretch of coast is still one of the few locations where you experience just you and the coast unobstructed by man.

Hearst Castle can be a wonderful diversion from your day at the beach hunting for shells and basking in the sun rays. Hearst Castle is located in San Simeon just a few miles north of Cambria. The Castle is rich in history and art. Built by the newspaper magnet William Randolph Hearst in the early 20th century. The castle was a collaborative effort between Hearst and École des Beaux-Arts-trained architect Julia Morgan. There are three or four different tours (depending on the time of year). Taking the tour you will find yourself being taken back to the time when Hearst was host to movie stars politicians, writers and athletes. Antique and decorative arts can be encountered in every room on the tour. For reservations call 1-800-444-7275.

Rolling Hillside ViewThe Central Coast is becoming a burgeoning wine region. Providing many extraordinarily great wines. Enjoy a days drive across the Santa Lucias mountain range on Highway 46 while visiting some of the West's best wines.

While staying in Cambria you might want to take a walk or short drive to view the curious folk art structure that was built by Art Beal also known as Captain Nitt Witt and Der Tinkerpaw. The story is an intriquing one. Captain Nitt Witt bought the land in 1928 for $500. He terraced the hilly property into several levels with pick and shovel. His efforts produced a partially subterranean five-story work of art that incorporates masonry, rock, seashells and eclectic findings from the local dumps. To view Nitt Witts folk art structure drive or walk up Hillcrest Drive just off Main Street in Cambria's West Village. You will see it to your left, there is a pull out on the right.