Cambria Gardens & Arts
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The East Village of Cambria is a vital hub of the area. It is the historial area where the town originated. Many of the structures maintain their original identity and thus holding onto its charm. The area has many outstanding business that range from knitting shops and bookstores to Seekers a renown glass gallery. Following is a list of most of the business of the east village.

Burton Forge
Heart Ease
Seekers Glass Gallery
The Vault Gallery
Sow's Ear
Robin's Restaurant

Future Historic Renovations
The Cambria Historic Society has been working for many years to purchase and Renovate the Biachini House in East Cambria. It has been purchased and is now in the process of renovation. The restoring of the property is a community project. It will home to the historical information of the area.

Across Center Street is also a project the has been spearhead by GreenSpace. Plans for the property is to house a native plant garden and restoration of the Buddist Temple.