Cambria Gardens & Arts
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The historic East Village part of Cambria, a charming and artsy Community along California's spectacular Central Coast, soon will be home to Cambria Gardens and Arts. This lovely village center - which will feature an art gallery, garden store, restaurant and small shops - is destined to be a popular Gathering spot for local residents as well as tourists. Cambria - known by the motto "Where the Pines Meet the Sea" - draws visitors with its tranquility, artistry and coastal treasure. Whale watching, tide pooling and sunset watching are among favorite activities. Tours of nearby Hearst Castle and San Luis Obispo County wineries also are magnets for visitors.

Cambria Gardens and Arts will complement and enhance this magical setting. It will be a place where people can view great art, eat superb food, taste fine local wines and enjoy conversation late into the evening.

We are seeking retail tenants for this special place, which is expected to open in February 2006. Located at Bridge and Wall streets, directly north of Linn's Fruit Bin and the Vault Gallery in East Village, the commercially zoned property transitions from the downtown area to the south and the residential area to the north. The most immediate adjacent properties are residential structures that have been mostly remodeled into commercial uses. In addition, small-scale businesses can be found to the north on Wall and Bridge streets.

Cambria Arts and Gardens will feature a quaint country theme
a remodeled small farm complex consisting of
Barn1020 square-foot
BARN (Retail)
ground level
744 square-foot
HOUSE (Retail)
ground level
and a 1037 square-foot
SHOP (Small Cafe or Restaurant)
ground level

780 square-foot
Office or Studio space
Second level

The complex will be built new but will look old, in the style of turn-of-the-century Cambrian buildings, complete with windmill. We chose this theme to retain the style and character of the neighborhood, and also provide a sense of unity. The project will mix retail and residential uses, including three retail spaces, one caretaker apartment, office spaces and storage. Parking will be hidden as much as possible around the property. Ideally, drivers and pedestrians will get a sense of crossing into an actual farm by passing through an old gate structure moving about the complex on old stone pathways through gardens and past several shed outbuildings. Pavement areas will be broken down with paths and paver crossings.

The shop building will accommodate a small cafe. It also will provide An internal plaza area surrounded by gardens and a small performing area near the windmill. Cambria Gardens and Arts will be pedestrian-friendly, encouraging exploration as well as providing easy access to neighboring streets.

In conceiving this project, our aims were to:
- Respond to the character of the surroundings by preserving the low-key nature and scale.
- Contribute to existing businesses adjacent to the property.
- Create a strong sense of exploration and discovery through creative architecture.
- Provide an attractive, neighborhood-enhancing complex.