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Sea Otter enjoying lunchWhale watching is a popular winter and springtime activity. In November or December thousands of gray whales migrate south to breed in the Mexican waters of Baja. These sea creatures can be seen from the beaches however the best views are from whale-watching boats. Grays are believed to be the oldest of all living species of whales. The adults get to be about 40-50 feet long weighing from 30-40 tons. After enjoying the warmer Mexican waters come spring the gray migrate north again. The gray whales' migratory pattern is one of the longest on record for any animal. The average distance is about 5,000 miles in each direction.

Pelican taking a rest on shore.One can also drive a little north of San Simeon and see the Sea Elephants basking on the shores making loud overtures to beguile onlookers. Also if you are patient enough one can catch a glipse of the adorable sea otters bobbing on the waters surface Lying on their back pounding a sea urchen or some shell creature to get a bite to eat.

The Pelican is among one of the bird life that coexists along the shore. Their huge frames glide on the airstream and plumit down to the surf to scoup up fish for dinner.

Down by Morro Bay you can also find the herron enjoying its life in the estruary. During the low tide the bird life comes alive to harvest some of the seas bounty.

Wild deer are often found in the fieldsAnd on the land you might have the chance to see a beautiful deer come down by the village searching among the areas community fruit trees. Their gentle grace and trusting dispositions allow a close look if you take care not to make quick moves.

These are just a few of natures wonders that exist in the Central Coast. Come an see for yourself.